Grandpa Bill

The room was filled friends and family when I arrived and yet it was silent except for the faint beat on the monitor telling us he was still alive. No one was sobbing; the shock of it all was still too fresh. Everyone was just standing around the room looking lost, not knowing what to say or do. I ran up to grandpa’s bedside and tried to tell him it would be okay but nothing came out. It didn’t matter though; I knew it was a lie. I glanced around the room and everyone seemed to have experienced the same thing. It was all happening to fast. It wasn’t his time. My mom came over and hugged me. She was probably hurting the worst, after all it is her father, and yet she seemed the strongest in the room. I asked her what happened and she took me out into the hall. She didn’t want to make the family hear it again. Apparently Grandpa Bill had been stabbed three times while walking home from work and both of his lungs had popped as a result of it. It was the same road he had walked everyday for twenty years. It was a safe walk, in a safe neighborhood. There was no rhyme or reason to it. This was one of those times when you think that things like this are only stories that happen to other people. Things like this just don’t happen to normal people. Reality seemed twisted like we were in a movie. How could grandpa Bill die? Who would do harm to a sweet old man? It just wasn’t right.

We and I walked back into the room. My head was swirling. All at once I was confused and angry and sad. I wanted so badly to find whoever did this and get revenge. I wanted to avenge my grandpa in a horrible way. I was steaming with rage but just then I looked over at my grandpa and just for a moment he woke up and looked at me. His eyes weren’t filled with fear or anger or even sadness. There was a peacefulness that exuded from him and it calmed my rage. I knew all he wanted was to spend his last moments with his family and loved ones. I went up to his bed again and grabbed his hand. He pulled me in and whispered, “pull my finger”, laughed a wheezy breath and passed away.

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